#42 Overcome Pain

If we take a scenario where people have the same talents, physical strength and intellectual abilities – there will still be people in that group who succeed and others who do not. What sets those people who succeed apart? 
What is it that makes some people capable of heroic, courageous acts? How are some people able to be constantly challenged and pushed past their limits and succeed towards the next step? 
How does one person obtain decades of sobriety and others battle to maintain sobriety over months and keep returning over years? 
How do we move from being a person who does not want to take responsibility or who has been unable to take responsibility, to one who can bear responsibility, after all there are far more things in life that create difficulties for us then there are things that are enjoyable to us.

Perhaps it is the ability to decrease our ego’s and increase our consciousness.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed the discussion.

This podcast was recorded as a series of lectures given to people in 12 step addiction recovery treatment. The purpose of these talks was to teach and motivate individuals to search for their own spiritual solution to their addiction.

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