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Drug Addiction

Drug abuse is on the rise, not just in South Africa, but worldwide. Drug addiction does not discriminate, affecting people of all ages from all walks of life. When the use of chemical substances/narcotics becomes a compulsion that negatively affects every aspect of your life, you need to seek help. Side-effects of drugs, like diminished health, loss of employment, estrangement of loved ones and mental and physical disorders are inevitable when drug rehabilitation is not initiated. The most commonly abused drugs are heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, kat, tik, GHB, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and prescription medication.

Am I a Drug Addict?
When the use of narcotics or substances that alter your state of being becomes a compulsion, unstoppable and debilitating, you have a drug abuse problem. Nobody sets out to become an addict. However the recreational drugs you once used to minimise emotional or physical pain will begin to severely impact your brain chemistry. This creates a physical need to use continually in order to maintain what your brain and body have come to accept as ‘normal.’ This is drug addiction. If you plan your life around your next score or fix, if your work or studies are being affected, if your relationships are under severe strain or falling apart and if your mental and physical health are poorly – you have a substance abuse problem and need to seek help.

Side Effects of Drug Abuse
The physical side-effects drug abusers experience differs from substance to substance. While cocaine addiction leads to a plethora of side-effects including aggressive behaviour and nasal passage damage, Kat addiction has its own list of unpleasant side-effects. Tik addicts have a different set of symptoms to heroin users and prescription medication addicts. The common thread is severely diminished health (both mental and physical), job loss, the estrangement of loved ones and, if left untreated, it can result in death.

Rehab and Recovery
When an addict is able to recognise the impact that their drug use has on themselves and others they seek help. Crossroads Recovery Centre rehab in Pretoria is not here to judge but rather to guide you through your journey to wellness. And we have the experience and expertise to help.

We know that the thought of withdrawal symptoms and overcoming the hold that drugs has on you is very overwhelming, which is why we have created a safe, nurturing environment and step by step guide lead by professionals who will walk that road with you.

We understand the seriousness of addiction at Crossroads Recovery Centre. We offer treatment options that range from detoxification to an intense, inpatient psycho-therapeutic programme that carefully addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. We have the help you need to get better. We have the guidance you need to live a healthy, sober lifestyle. Most of all we want to see you flourish.

If drugs are controlling your life, we can help.


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