Crossroads Recovery Centre is a 12 step treatment facility that believes in a complete individual treatment program for each client. Years of personal experience in the field of addiction and the best practices of various professionals and organizations involved in the treatment of people suffering from the disease of addiction, have led us to the formation of our program of recovery.

At Crossroads Recovery Centre we believe in three essential parts of the recovery process that need to be addressed for the client to enter into the recovery process.

First the physical side of the addiction needs to be managed, our clients are given a medical detox program under the supervision of our consulting physician, and once the physical side effects have been overcome the process of understanding the mental and spiritual side of the disease can begin. Guided by their addiction Councillor, clients are introduced to the program of recovery and any queries the client has are explored and explained.

Second the clients own underlying problems need to be looked at and dealt with in a clinical environment under the guidance of their Councillor, the client needs to come to terms with their past, present and future in order to move forward in their recovery. At this point in the process family therapy will be an option, allowing the whole family to enter into the recovery process with the client.

Third the client needs to be assisted with the leaving of the safety of the recovery centre and the reintegration into society as a useful functional human being, this is done with the assistance of an outpatients program and the use of the fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous or which ever apply to the client. During treatment clients are taken on a weekly basis to the meetings of the two fellowships in order for them to understand how they work and to begin making friends in these groups. This will assist them when they leave the facility and need to attend these meetings on their own.

Crossroads Recovery Centre offers a 30 day detoxification programme, and a 90 day recovery programme. Evidence shows that the longer the stay in treatment the greater the chances of recovery for the client, therefore we at Crossroads recommend the minimum 90 day recovery programme for our clients. The 30 day detoxification programme is effective with intense out-patient treatment and attendance of and participation of the relevant support group programme.

The first 30 days of the 90 day recovery programme is the same as the 30 day detox programme and clients are welcome to extend there stay after the 30 day detoxification.

Crossroads Recovery Centres treatment program is based on the Minnesota model of addictions treatment. The Minnesota Model approach is typically characterised by a thorough and ongoing assessment of all aspects of a client and of multimodal therapeutic approaches. It does include group and individual therapy, family education and support and other methods. A multidisciplinary team of professionals plan and assist in the treatment process for each client.

  1. Isolation from the addictive substances, removal from the harmful environment and separation from suppliers, and accomplices
  2. Medically supervised substance withdrawal
  3. Each client will be evaluated by the professional team and an individual program will be tailored to suit their needs.
  4. Group therapy focusing on seeing a broader reality, overcoming denial and gaining a greater acceptance of personal responsibility and hope for change
  5. Individual counselling sessions are typically used for reviewing progress and addressing issues that may be too sensitive or unique to be dealt with routinely in a group setting.
  6. Re-building of self confidence and self esteem
  7. Processes to deal with the clients feelings of fear, guilt and shame
  8. Life skills workshops
  9. Clients will be introduced to support groups such as the 12 step fellowships.
  10. Techniques for handling temptation and avoiding future relapse
  11. Integration into a post treatment outpatient program for ongoing support in dealing with living clean and sober
  12. Assistance and guidance in exploring future possibilities for our client’s lifestyles which can include employment and education


The staff employed at Cross Roads Recovery Centre whether as house staff, facilitators or councillors are all trained addictions specialists many of whom have there own personal experience in overcoming active addiction.

The following group therapy formats are held on a regular basis:

  • Welcome Group
  • Didactic groups
  • Powerlessness and damage
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Occupational Therapy
  • AA meetings
  • NA meetings
  • Topic Groups
  • Spirituality
  • Resident House Meeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Farewell Groups

The following individual counselling is available depending on the individual clients needs.

  • One on one therapy
  • Addiction counselling
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Step work counselling
  • Trauma therapy
  • Family counselling
  • Co-dependence counselling

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