Can I get cured of gambling addiction at a gambling rehab?

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Can I get cured of gambling addiction at a gambling rehab?

03 February, 2023Articles, News

Gambling addiction is one of the most prevalent behavioural addictions. Between 1-5% of Americans engage in compulsive gambling. Among young people and ethnic minorities, the rate is even higher. A 2010 study found that 6-9% of adolescents and young adults have a gambling addiction.

Problems stemming from a gambling addiction

Gambling addiction can lead to other problems, including debt and relationship woes. It also commonly co-occurs with other addictions, especially to alcohol. It’s easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed while in the grips of an addiction to gambling. The right treatment can help those with a gambling problem regain control over their lives.

It is estimated that over 80% of people who suffer from some type of gambling addiction never seek treatment, no matter how bad their problem is. Other statistics reveal that while there are people who do seek treatment for their gambling addiction, over 70% end up returning to the world of betting. People with this type of disorder are more likely to suffer from other types of mental health and substance abuse issues. Many gamblers also have an alcohol disorder or addiction, and over half were nicotine dependent.

Unlike drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, gambling doesn’t directly change the brain. To those unfamiliar with behavioural addictions, it might seem strange to compare gambling addiction to chemical addictions. Yet gambling addiction can, over time, change the brain in ways similar to alcohol and drugs.

Treatment: get cured of gambling addiction

Three main ways exist to treat gambling problems, including psychotherapy, medication and support groups such as twelve-step fellowship like Gamblers Anonymous. Cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior therapy help a person identify thought patterns that lead to and support a gambling problem, and replace them with healthier beliefs. All of which can be found in addiction treatment centers.

Although there’s no cure for drug addiction, treatment options can help you overcome an addiction and stay drug-free. Your treatment depends on the drug used and any related medical or mental health disorders you may have. Long-term follow-up is important to prevent relapse. Treatment of chronic diseases involves changing deeply rooted behavior, and relapse doesn’t mean treatment has failed.

When a person recovering from an addiction relapses, it indicates that the person needs to speak with their doctor to resume treatment, modify it, or try another treatment. If you need someone to reach out to or you need more information please speak to us at Crossroads Recovery Center.

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