Can you get addicted to the CAT drug?

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Can you get addicted to the CAT drug?

13 January, 2023Articles, News

The most likely answer to the question is yes.

The origin of the CAT drug

The CAT drug is a street name for KHAT. It is derived from a plant’s roots and young shoots of a plant that is native to East Africa, the Middle East and the Arabian peninsula. The scientific name for KHAT is Cathaedulis. The central nervous stimulants in the plant namely Cathine (D-norpseudoephedrine and Cathinone (keto-amphetamine ) can produce a stimulating high. KHAT has a high potential for abuse.

Addiction can be described as compulsive drug use despite negative consequences. KHAT usage at it’s minimum can become very problematic. People use KHAT to get the stimulant effect they are looking for. This involves increases in the amounts taken to get the desired effect. It is also addictive because it alters the state of the individual’s mind. An individual can develop a psychological dependence on KHAT if they abuse it.

If an individual stops their abuse of KHAT they develop withdrawal symptoms.

The reason for CAT abuse

Individuals who abuse KHAT are addicted for the following reasons

  1. They continue using KHAT even though they experience negative and dire consequences of
    their using.
  2. They feel as if they cannot function without it. They believe that they need it to feel normal.
    Some believe that they need it to socialize and fit in.
  3. Most of their time is centered on finding, using and recovering from using. They crave and
    are preoccupied with the drug.
  4. They feel more alert, have more energy, and euphoria, talk more and have less appetite.

There are also behavioral changes associated with KHAT abuse. Individuals can display paranoid, delusional, manic, violent behavior and suicidal thoughts. There are also serious short-term and long-term health problems.

For example anorexia, hypertension, gastric disorders, liver damage, chest disease, mouth cancer and heart attacks. If a person becomes dependent on KHAT it is usually necessary for them to seek professional help at a drug rehab for help with their addiction. This is mainly because of the withdrawal symptoms where professional assistance is needed for the detox process. Withdrawal symptoms can include, cravings, depression, irritability, nightmares, insomnia, tremors and excessive sweating.

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