Your Questions About Cat, Answered.

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Your Questions About Cat, Answered.

27 July, 2020Articles, News

How long does cat stay in the system?

Methcathinone , or “Cat” is classed as a stimulant. The most common side effects include increased respiration, elevated blood pressure and a heightened sense of awareness. Once it is used, the effects peak after about 15 to 30 minutes and can last for up to 3 hours. As in the case of other drugs, cat users find that over time, with increased usage, larger quantities of the drug are needed in order to maintain a “high”. It can be detected in your system from between 30 hours to 5 days.

Is cat addictive?

Questions around whether a drug is addictive or not, are often difficult to answer. For an addict who has the disease of addiction, coupled perhaps with a genetic predisposition towards addictive behaviour and a set of specific circumstances, any substance and indeed, behaviour, can be addictive. Cat, is a physically addictive substance. It has been compared to crack cocaine in terms of its addictiveness.

What are the long-term effects of cat?

There are a range of specific symptoms that become prevalent in addicts who use cat over a long period of time. These symptoms include changes in sleeping habits, irritability, lack of appetite and weight loss. There are many documented cases of cat users who have become severely depressed. Professionals have pointed to evidence that the use of this drug over a prolonged period can cause underlying mental health conditions to worsen. Methcathinone abuse has also been documented as a significant cause of parkinsonism among young patients in the Eastern European countries. There is evidence to link it to other movement disorders and neurological disorders. Experts tend to agree that not enough research has been done in terms of the long term effects of sustained cat usage.

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