What to Bring to Rehab?

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What to Bring to Rehab?

18 November, 2020Articles, News

Booking into a rehabilitation facility for the first time can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking endeavour, but it need not be so. Many people are fearful of coming into treatment because they have no idea what to expect or what the admissions process is going to look like. To mitigate some of this anxiety we will talk about what to bring to rehab., how to prepare and what to expect when being admitted to Crossroads Recovery Centre .

You will need clothing for a few days, including some items for both hot and cold weather. There is no need to pack for all 28 days in one go as we do have laundry facilities. Walking shoes will also be needed. There is no need to rush out to buy hiking boots, your normal run-around will do just fine for the daily walk around the block.

You will also need to bring the basics such as a towel and toiletries. Please do not bring anything that contains alcohol or is aerosolised. If you do accidentally pack something that may be harmful to yourself or others, we will arrange that it is kept safe for you until you leave.

You need to remember to bring to rehab, any medication that you are currently taking as prescribed by a doctor.

Please remember to pack a few masks, this is in the interest of your health as well as the health of others.

If you or your loved one is a smoker, it’s a good idea to bring a few boxes. If they vape, a few bottles of juice and a charging cable will be needed.

We know its quite old school, but an MP3 player. Phones cannot be substituted for this unfortunately and we do not allow anything that has a radio function. MP3 players can be loaded up with appropriate music to be used in free time. There is no need to rush out to buy one if you don’t already have one, it is a luxury more than anything else. If you do decide to bring an MP3 player, remember the headphones as well.

A few creature comforts can make all the difference when settling into an unfamiliar environment. Linen and bedding are provided, but sometimes a pillow from home and a familiar blanket do make the facilities feel homelier.

Should you run out of any toiletries or require snacks, we do have a tuck shop facility. Tuck shopping is done once a week of the clients. A list is made, and a staff member will go to Pick n Pay or Spar to get the items. Clients are also more than welcome to bring some tuck in with them when they arrive. Chips, sweets, chocolates and cooldrinks and pretty much anything else that you would like to snack on is appropriate. Keep in mind, nothing should contain alcohol. Diets shakes are also off the menu (unless required for medical reasons).

Please keep in mind, the is limited fridge space and as such perishables should be kept to a minimum. Clients also do not have access to cooking facilities so please do not bring along anything that requires a stovetop or oven.

The tuck shop system works like an account. Items will not be bought for clients who do not have funds in their account. Upon admission cash can be deposited into this account or an EFT can be made. Clients are given a tuck shop balance every other day to keep track of their spending. The person responsible for the clients account is also more than welcome to request a breakdown of spending at any time. The tuck shop account is also used for any non-detox medical expenses. If a client needs to get to a dentist or has the flu this is the account that will be used to pay for it.

Crossroads manages these funds on the client’s behalf and we do not add any additional charges. Transport to and from appointments is also billed to this account.

It is important to note, that any fees left in the tuck shop account upon discharge will be paid back to the person who paid in the fees initially, this is either done via EFT or may be given cash. These funds will not be released to the clients unless the client is the person who paid them in in the first place.

When admission is being processed please bring in identifying documentation, such as a drivers license or ID book, and medical aid cards. We require a copy for the admission paperwork. When it comes to medical aids, pre-authorisation can be done ahead of admission. This is to ensure that funds are available and to confirm the co-payment amount. This process can be done prior to admission, should the client elect to not come into treatment or change their admission date, a pre-authorisation does not influence the available benefits. When arranging admission, speak to the counsellor with whom you are working about this information.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Crossroads is making every effort to keep out facilities and clients safe. As such, a client is required to have a COVID test done before joining the treatment programme. This procedure can be done a number of ways. Firstly, a client can get tested privately and arrive with their negative test results, these must be no older than 72 hours. The other option available is that upon admission a member of Crossroads staff takes the client to be tested while waiting for test results the client will be in our isolation facilities. Test results usually take about 24 hours, so the sooner the test is done, the better.

Crossroads has arrangements in place with doctors to administer tests, please speak to your admissions counsellor for these details.

Booking into a rehabilitation facility is a daunting experience, but it need not be so. Our admissions personnel are able to assist you every step of the way and are always available to answer questions and explain procedures. Give Crossroads a call to discuss taking the necessary steps for admission to treatment.

If you or anyone close to you needs help with an addiction to sex, gambling, substances, alcohol or food, please contact us for a free assessment.


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