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Addiction In The Workplace

14 January, 2022Articles, News

In the context of South Africa, recent statistics have illuminated a troubling reality – approximately 13.3% of the adult population grapples with substance abuse, with drug and alcohol addiction encroaching upon the workplace. The repercussions extend far and wide, impacting both employees and their employers. While an individual’s personal life typically falls outside the purview of employer responsibilities, the repercussions of addiction can permeate the workplace, resulting in increased absenteeism, theft, injuries, and a decline in overall productivity. These addiction in the workplace challenges inevitably saddle businesses with unwarranted costs. Elevated staff turnover rates, often triggered by addiction-related behaviours, force employers into costly recruitment and training exercises. Simultaneously, the burden of navigating disciplinary actions places additional strain on senior management.

Challenges of addiction in the workplace

Employees ensnared in the web of addiction invariably exhibit diminished focus, reduced task efficiency, and impaired decision-making abilities. The relentless pursuit of their substance of choice becomes an all-consuming preoccupation, significantly undermining job performance—a reality no employer desires. Beyond personal consequences, such behaviour casts a shadow over colleagues, especially those working closely with the affected individual. Tardiness and on-the-job sleeping lead to heightened workloads for co-workers, breeding resentment and conflict within the team. In severe cases, such behaviour may render the addicted employee unmanageable, leading to health problems and increased sick leave among team members, further poisoning the work environment and decimating team morale.

Employers also face the very real threat of illegal activities taking root within their organisations, including drug sales, bribery, and fraud. Without vigilant monitoring and decisive action, these activities can escalate, exposing the company to unprecedented liabilities and tarnishing its reputation.

To counter these challenges, South African employers must not only consider best practices but also adhere to the country’s regulations, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). OHSA’s General Safety Regulation 2A mandates that employers must prevent employees who appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from entering a work site or remaining at work.

One effective approach for businesses to tackle substance abuse is through the implementation of substance abuse policies and the establishment of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). Regular alcohol and drug testing at work can further aid in identifying employees in need of support. These policies should encompass comprehensive procedures for testing, clearly outlined as a step-by-step process. Education emerges as a powerful tool in prevention and intervention, reducing stigma and encouraging employees to seek help.

Companies can make a substantial difference by ensuring access to addiction treatment and recovery support. This approach not only minimises absenteeism and boosts productivity but also fosters a safer work environment. By taking these proactive measures, employers can safeguard the workplace from the spillover effects of addiction, protecting both their workforce and their company’s reputation.

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