Can Tik (Crystal Meth) addiction be cured?

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Can Tik (Crystal Meth) addiction be cured?

19 August, 2022Articles, News

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the mind, body and behaviour. People can become addicted to a substance or behaviours and get to the point where they will do anything to obtain more. Most people don’t realize they have a problem until it’s too late. Addiction is a serious matter, it effects the individual who is addicted as well as those around him. There is an urge to use substances or act out on behaviours, without any consideration of consequences.

What is Tik (Crystal Meth) addiction?

People struggling with addiction often face the challenge of severe denial, they are unable to see that a substance or behaviour are the root of their problems. Often they look at the symptoms of their addiction such as feelings of depression, anxiety, problems in their relationships or work. They blame and justify their actions, unable to see that the solution to their problem is to stop the substance or behaviour. They look for solutions to treat the feelings(medication), change jobs, change living situations or leave relationships.

Tik (Crystal Meth) is a highly addictive drug that has gained popularity in most parts of South Africa. Tik produces an intense high. It gives the user the illusion of confidence and productivity, the user is convinced that the drug is helping them cope and manage with life. Once the addiction grabs a hold of them it is very hard for them to see the unmanageability and consequences of the drug use.

What can be done?

The first step in overcoming a Crystal Meth addiction is acknowledging that there is a problem. Often it is difficult to get the addict to acknowledge that there is a problem, an intervention usually helps in putting enough pressure on the addict to take the steps to get help.

Once the addict acknowledges there is a problem and is willing to get help. An abstinence based recovery approach has to be taken. The best starting point for this is in-patient treatment. In-patient treatment provides a safe, structured environment for recovery to begin. The withdrawal symptom of Tik are usually all psychological some of the symptoms are:

  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Intense cravings
  • Depression

The Tik user must undergo a medically supervised detox to assist in getting over these types of withdrawal symptoms. The body and mind need time to adjust to not having the substance. Once the Crystal Meth user stops using the substance and overcomes the withdrawals they can focus on adapting to a life in recovery. The aim here is for the individual to never use the drug again.

Recovery from Tik addiction is possible it requires commitment, structure, routine and support. There are may support groups out there such as Narcotics anonymous, these groups follow the 12 Steps and offer support and purpose for anyone struggling with a substance addiction. There is hope for those that want a life in recovery.

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