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How is Tik taken

29 April, 2022Articles, News

Tik is a highly addictive psychostimulant, that is widley used as a party drug. It gives the users an intense feeling of euphoria, but has high potential for addiction. Tik is the common name for the drug, it is also known as Glass, Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine, Crystal and Ice. It has become very popular because of its potency and it is easily available.

Tik usually comes in a translucent, crystalline form that often resembles tiny shards of glass. Depending on what the Tik has been cut or processed with and can appear cloudy or have some colouring to it.

Crystal meth can be taken in a variety of ways, it can be smoked, ingested, injected and snorted:


The most common way of taking Tik is by smoking it. The Tik is heated using a glass pipe and the vapour is inhaled. Glass pipes can be bought and are surprisingly easy to get a hold of. Users have also been known to fashion pipes using household items including light bulbs. This way of taking the drug does produce an intense rush and euphoric high.


This is quite straight forward, the Tik is directly ingested through the mouth


The Tik is diluted with a small amount of water and injected using a syringe directly into the viens. When a user first starts injecting a small amount of the drug is enough to produce an intense rush and euphoria. But as tolerance builds up more and more of the drug is needed to produce the same high. Injecting carries the most severe consequences for the body, such as infection, heart problems and the risk of stroke.


Tik is crushed into more of a powder form and snorted using a short straw, rolled up bank note or piece of paper. The high from this is less intense than injecting or smoking, but still has consequences to the body. Damage to the septum, continuous runny nose and damage to the naval cavities.

Smoking and injecting produce the quickest and most intense “high” and are generally the most common ways of using Tik. Because of the intensity of Crystal Meth it has become a favourite in the party scene but with Tik things can change very quickly and what started as recreational use moves on to addiction.  If you are concerned that a loved one could be struggling with Tik, it is important that you seek out professional help. Concerns can usually be confirmed with physical evidence such as syringes, glass pipes, rolled up bank notes or cut starws.

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