Understanding Gambling Addiction

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Understanding Gambling Addiction

30 July, 2020Articles, News

Is there a cure for gambling addiction?

At Crossroads Recovery Centres, we subscribe to the disease model of addiction and base our treatment process on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and therefore we do not believe that there is a cure for addiction per se. What we do claim is that similar to other forms of addiction, an addiction to gambling can be arrested and managed – as is the case with any other chronic condition. The analogy of diabetes is sometimes a helpful tool. Diabetes is incurable but its effects can be mitigated, and it can be managed if the diabetic takes certain medication. Likewise, gambling addiction can be arrested and the addict can refrain from indulging in compulsive gambling if they take certain steps towards nurturing a healthy and more stable mind and spiritual condition.

What causes an addiction to gambling?

As in the case of other addictions, there are many different opinions on this subject. Some professionals point to family history and a genetic predisposition to explain why certain people have addictive traits and others do not. Some point to the unique circumstances of the individual and whether they have the required skills to deal with their emotions without abusing drugs. In the case of addicted gamblers, some find themselves unable to stop because they have lost large sums of money and become obsessed with winning it back. Some are drawn to the lifestyle that is associated with gambling and the idea of status and prestige. The desire to experience extreme thrills and highs can also be a contributing factor.

Is there a self-assessment for whether someone is a gambling addict?

If the thought of stopping gambling fills someone with a sense of extreme anxiety and angst, it may be an indicator that their relationship with gambling is not healthy. We have heard it said that gambling addicts can stop gambling, even for weeks at a time, but their ability to “stay stopped” and maintain a healthy mind, body and spiritual condition is the real indicator of whether someone is addicted to gambling or not. At Crossroads Recovery Centres we have experience with dealing with clients who suffer from an addiction to gambling – we know what the signs are, how to expose them and how to guide a person on a path towards recovery. A free consultation with one of our counsellors could be your first step towards living a life free from the clutches of this addiction.

If you or a loved one is in search of help for an addiction in any form, know that help is readily available. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll support you in your journey.

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