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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, though less openly talked about than alcohol and drug abuse, is a serious and highly destructive pattern of compulsive behaviour. When obsessive masturbation, excessive use of pornography, casual/anonymous sex, affairs, engaging in prostitution, unprotected sex or seeking out sexual experiences with no consideration of the consequences are uncontrollable, it’s time to seek help.

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Am I a Sex Addict?
Are you permanently preoccupied with sex, its pursuit, preparation and recovery? Sexual dependency or sexual compulsivity also known as hyper-sexuality or nymphomania is an inability to manage your sexual behaviour. It is an addiction in the truest sense in that it is extremely complicated to live with. Do you find that you need to increase the intensity, frequency and number of interactions to achieve the desired effect? If you are unable to live a normal life because you’re constantly driven to fulfil your sexual desires, you are a sex addict. This behaviour is risky for you and in turn puts your loved ones at risk of STDs. If your sexual choices are making your life unmanageable and you fail to keep promises to change you are in need of treatment.

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Side Effects of Sex Addiction
While sex addiction results in many physical side-effects there are few physical symptoms. Feelings of shame, anxiety, guilt and obsessive compulsive tendencies are common, as is a feeling of immobilisation due to sexual obsessions. Health risks include sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and Hepatitis B or C. Like other addiction patterns the sufferer will cause the breakdown of family relationships and can even end up falling into substance abuse, legal troubles and possible financial ruin.

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Rehab and Recovery
When a sex addict faces the reality that their own life, health and relationships are at risk they know it’s time to reach out and get help. Crossroads Recovery Centre rehab that understands the repercussions of sex addiction and we have the experience and expertise to help you get well.
We know that surmounting your unhealthy attitude to sex is very overwhelming. This is why we have created a safe, nurturing environment and step by step programme administered by professionals who will be there to help you manage your path to wellness.

We understand the seriousness of addiction at Crossroads Recovery Centre. We offer treatment options that range from detoxification to an intense, inpatient psychotherapeutic programme that carefully addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. We have the help you need to get better. We have the guidance you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of all we want to see you thrive.

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