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Gambling Addiction

Addiction to gambling is another behaviour with a knock-on effect that puts lives at risk. As with most addiction the gambling addict’s actions harm the lives of those around them, damaging relationships and leaving a trail of financial ruin. Lying, chasing the ‘rush’ of the next wager and turning to illegal acts to recover debts are just some signs that you have a problem. 

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Am I Addicted to Gambling?
Do you find it virtually impossible to stop gambling no matter how many financial, professional and personal problems arise as a result of your pathological urge to gamble? This addiction insidiously takes control of you until it has affected every aspect of your life. Do you find you need to gamble more frequently or make larger wagers to feel that rush? If you’ve lied about it, put your family’s well-being at risk, felt withdrawal when unable to gamble, suffered severe financial difficulties and are always preoccupied with gambling, you are an addict and we advise you to seek help.

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Side Effects of Gambling Addiction
While under the grip of addiction gambling addicts descend steadily and progressively into problem gambling and ultimately pathological gambling. This disorder can be as overpowering and incapacitating as addiction to drugs or alcohol. When debts build up and pressure from bookies and loan sharks becomes too much people turn to risky behaviours like theft of sale of drugs. This is an impulse control addiction that wreaks havoc in people’s lives. Side-effects like depression, anxiety or self-harm are common. These psychological symptoms can result in other addictive patterns in order for the gambler to cope; they often turn to alcohol, drugs to self-medicate the feelings of overwhelming stress away. Needless to say an addiction to gambling can permanently damage relationships.

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Rehab and Recovery
When a chronic gambler hits rock bottom emotionally and often financially they usually look for help. Here at Crossroads Recovery Centre rehab in Pretoria we recognise the seriousness of an addiction to gambling. Rest assured that our expert team of staff has the experience necessary to assist in your recovery.
We know that beating your unhealthy gambling habit can seem extremely overwhelming. This is why we have created a safe, nurturing environment and step by step programme administered by professionals on hand to guide you along on your road to recovery and mental health.

We understand the seriousness of addiction at Crossroads Recovery Centre. We offer treatment options that range from detoxification to an intense, inpatient psychotherapeutic programme that carefully addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. We have the help you need to get better. We have the guidance you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of all we want to see you succeed.

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