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Alcohol addiction

Like drug dependence, alcohol addiction is widespread due to its easy accessibility and social acceptance. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that progressively worsens. If compulsive and uncontrolled alcohol consumption, binge drinking, blackouts and reckless behaviour under the influence dominate your life, you are an alcoholic. Have you have missed work or school because you’re drunk or hungover? If so, you are not alone. We know that it feels overwhelming but there is a way to break the cycle of dependence.

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Am I an Alcoholic?
An inability to control your drinking is the red flag that signals you have an alcohol problem. But this manifests in different ways for different people. Some alcohol abusers “binge drink,” going on a bender for a few days at a time. When they sober up they are usually very remorseful and can stay sober for a period of time until their next binge. Some black out and other dependents called “daily drunks,” drink to excess every single day. However in the case of everyone with an alcohol addiction problem, once they start to drink they lose all control. Alcoholism is also strongly genetically influenced and you may have family members who also have a drinking problem. If your compulsion to drink becomes so powerful that reputation, personal care, family, relationships and career are sacrificed and at risk, you are an alcoholic. If you continue to drink despite serious health, family or legal problems we urge you to get the help you need to get sober for good.

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Side Effects of Alcoholism
Recognised by the World Health Organisation and many medical aids as a chronic progressive disease, alcohol addiction is not simply a lack of self-control. It is chronic in that there is no cure (there is effective treatment) and progressive in that it continually worsens. Its side-effects are far reaching, destroying relationships and severely compromising your health (both mental and physical). As the loss of control becomes more frequent, the alcoholic’s behaviour becomes more destructive. Left untreated it can destroy the lives of your loved ones and even result in death.

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Rehab and Recovery
When an alcoholic becomes aware that their situation is untenable – when alcohol is wrecking their lives and those around them they generally seek help. Crossroads Recovery Centre rehab in South Africa that understands the implications of alcoholism and we have the experience and expertise to help you get onto the road to recovery.
We know that withdrawal symptoms and conquering the hold that alcohol has on you is very overwhelming. This is why we have created a safe, nurturing environment and step by step programme administered by professionals who will be there to guide you on your journey.

We understand the seriousness of addiction at Crossroads Recovery Centre. We offer treatment options that range from detoxification to an intense, inpatient psychotherapeutic programme that carefully addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. We have the help you need to get better. We have the guidance you need to live a healthy, sober lifestyle. Most of all we want to see you succeed.

If alcohol is controlling your life, we can help.


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