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What is codependency?

Codependency is defined as: an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction. It affects an individual's capacity to have healthy, mutually satisfying…
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Aggression, in the form of anger, frequently manifests in people with addiction problems. If you do not believe this is true, look to science, which tells us that there is a definite correlation between aggression and addiction. The Psychiatric…

#32 Are You Conscious?

Are You Conscious? What  is  consciousness  and  what  is  spirituality  and  how  do  we  explain  these  concepts  so  that  they  make  sense …

What Is An Alcoholic

While not easy to identify internally, usually the people around alcoholics are the first to notice. In Pretoria and Johannesburg

What Is Drug Addiction?

What Is Drug Addiction? Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and behaviour. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause. Drug addiction isn’t about…

Cough Syrup Epidemic

What is Lean? COUGH SYRUP EPIDEMIC. Lean is the street name for cough syrup containing codeine mixed with soft drinks. The drug is becoming more common in everyday use. It is popular among adolescents and young adults in lower income areas.…

What Are We Treating For

While its important to remove alcohol and/or drugs from the system. Essentially that's not where the problem lies. Pretoria 082 653 3311 Johannesburg 074 895 1043

#24 People Pleasing

#24 People Pleasing People pleasing is a behavior that is as old as the hills, more recently described as Codependence. It is a really sticky problem and a behavior that is incredibly difficult to change. I would say almost impossible to…