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#39 - Paradise Lost ; Paradise Regained.

Recovery is not a short term goal, nor is it quantifiable and it is a life long goal. At some time in our lives we have been happy. Our active addiction results in our losing all of this : Paradise lost. Time has been lost,our active addiction…

#38 Testing My Reality

In 1784, the philosopher, Immanuel Kant described enlightenment as “humankind’s emergence from its self-incurred immaturity”, its “lazy and cowardly” submission to the “dogmas and formulas” of religious or political authority. Humans…

#37 Dreams & Dreamers

“You are the maker of the dream … Whatever you put into the dream must be what is in you.” - Fritz Perls. There  is  little  doubt  that  your  dreams  can  impact  the  type …

# 36 Interconnected Transitions

Interconnected Transitions : “Later I also learned to go into that inner timeless and deathless realm that I have originally perceived as a void and remain fully conscious.”  The  Power  of  Now : A  Guide  to  Spiritual  Enlightenment…

#35 Mental Noise?

Mental Noise? How  do  we  reach  a  shift  in  consciousness  within ourselves ? What  does  it  take  for  this  to  occur ? Is  it  an  external …

#34 Hero or Villain

Hero or Villain. How  do  we  process  the  information  around  us  and  what   effect  does  this  information  have  on  us ? In  our  addiction,…

#33 Flow, finding space

#33 Flow, finding space “The  last  great  attempt  to  free  consciousness  from  the  dominion  of  the  impulses  and  social  controls, was …

#32 Are You Conscious?

Are You Conscious? What  is  consciousness  and  what  is  spirituality  and  how  do  we  explain  these  concepts  so  that  they  make  sense …

#31 Do Honour Codes Work?

Do Honour Codes work? DO HONOUR CODES WORK. In this podcast I talk about two opposing ends of a scale. Strictly abiding by the rules or not bothering with them at all. I use the ancient Bushido honour codes as a metaphor for our current life…

#30 The Grant Study

THE GRANT STUDY When looking at the Grant Study, one of the longest multi-generational studies done, a few facts stand out immediately. That’s the basis of this podcast, along with about 5 other studies along the same lines to back it up.…

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