How to Detox from the Cat Drug

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How to Detox from the Cat Drug

24 December, 2019Articles, News

Also known as “Khat” or “Chat,” the cat drug is one of the most commonly abused drugs in South Africa. Due to its highly addictive composition and its popularity as a drug used in tandem with downers, at Crossroads Recovery Centres we have a vast amount of experience with facilitating the detox process from this potent substance. This brief guide will familiarise you with what the cat drug is and how addicts are detoxed from it.

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What is the Cat Drug?

The cat drug is a stimulant or “upper.” It is a drug derived from the Catha edulis plant that is native to East Africa. Cat can be brewed as a tea, or chewed or smoked much like marijuana. In some East African countries, the chewing of the cat drug is deeply rooted in social and cultural tradition while in other countries its use is illegal.

The Effects of the Cat Drug

On a neurological and physical level, use of the cat drug alters the level of chemicals in the brain, and produces feelings of extreme euphoria and alertness. The effect of the cat drug can be likened to that of cocaine or methamphetamines. Common symptoms of the abuse of khat include hyperactivity, hallucinations, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and restlessness. Over time, abuse can lead to extreme cases of sleep deprivation, dehydration and liver damage.

The Detox Process

At Crossroad Recovery Centres, detox from the cat drug is always facilitated by a team of professionals who assist the addict with the physical symptoms of withdrawal as well as the psychological ones. As such, it is a process that takes time and patience. The physical symptoms of withdrawal from the cat drug are not known to be life-threatening, therefore unlike with other drugs, drug replacement therapy is not needed. However, symptoms like depression can and may be treated by medication, under supervision. For the first few days, detox may entail simply getting rest, eating regularly and returning the body to a state of normal functioning as far as possible. It is important to note that some physical symptoms like anxiety and restlessness, may take months to reach a state of normalcy but again, it is important to note that the addict is never alone. Our team of professionals have helped many addicts to enter recovery, even within the most difficult of circumstances. We ensure that every patient is treated on an individual basis and that they receive the attention and care they deserve.

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