#1 Crisis Management

When we experience crisis in our lives, how do we deal with it? How can we learn to deal with certain situations that we come across without going into a complete state of panic? What goals do you want to achieve and how do you go about achieving them? How can the 12 steps help you to achieve this?

We need to become willing to make the necessary changes in our live in order to achieve the goals we want. We work on giving up ill fated manipulation of our thoughts and emotions, which might sound paradoxical but is the pathway to self. Often our first mistake is trying to change or control our internal experiences. We stop trying to interfere!

In this podcast I speak about applying spirituality, what this really means and how it relates to recovery. How hard it is to come to terms with and how you can apply it to your life, on an ongoing basis.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and please feel free to drop me a mail with any comments.