The Most Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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The Most Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

14 January, 2020Articles, News

Different drugs have different effects on the physical, physiological and neurological systems. And so naturally, drug withdrawals differ from drug to drug and also from person to person. At Crossroads Recovery Centres, we treat each client on a case by case basis, giving them individual attention based on their physical, mental and emotional needs. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences withdrawals differently. In some cases, medical intervention in the form of drug replacement therapy is required and in other cases, clients are able to go through withdrawals without further medication. We ensure that a professional monitors each client’s vital signs and emotional health, making sure that withdrawal process is the beginning of a positive recovery process. In this article, we highlight some of the most noticeable withdrawal symptoms associated with some of the most commonly used drugs in South Africa.

Heroin Drug Withdrawal

Many recovering addicts relate to not coping well with flu symptoms even years into recovery, because it reminds them of heroin withdrawals. Flu-like symptoms like tremors, high fever and cold sweats are the predominant withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the level of dependency, a heroin addict will experience the onset of withdrawals from up to 3 hours after using, and as many addicts can attest, they will do almost anything to prevent full withdrawal symptoms, which can be completely debilitating. Further symptoms include aches and pains throughout the body, fluctuating states of diarrhoea and constipation, vomiting and severe discomfort.

Cocaine Drug Withdrawal

It has been observed by the medical community, that the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine or similar stimulants do not manifest physically to the extent that symptoms from other drugs may manifest. Cocaine detox produces withdrawals that are mostly psychological in nature. This includes feeling “slow” or unable to concentrate, focus or perform mentally challenging tasks. Due to the fact that stimulants cause high bursts of energy and extreme alertness, withdrawals have the opposite effect and can lead to exhaustion. Depression and anxiety are also withdrawal symptoms which have been observed in cases where users have abused cocaine.

Khat Drug Withdrawal

Khat, as a commonly used stimulant, produces withdrawal symptoms that include the onset of a physical craving – an intense and uncontrollable desire to use the drug to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal. On average, withdrawal from khat lasts for up to 3 days, after which the physical symptoms seem to be somewhat alleviated and the psychological and mental symptoms become more prevalent. Common symptoms of drug withdrawal include depression, problems with sleep, visible restlessness and significant increases in appetite.

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