What Is An Alcoholic

While not easy to identify internally, usually the people around alcoholics are the first to notice. In Pretoria and Johannesburg www.crossroadsrecovery.co.za

How Will I Live Without Alcohol?

How will I live without alcohol? One of the biggest obstacles we face is a feeling that our life will be over without alcohol. www.crossroadsrecovery.co.za Johannesburg Pretoria

What Are We Treating For

While its important to remove alcohol and/or drugs from the system. Essentially that's not where the problem lies. Pretoria 082 653 3311 Johannesburg 074 895 1043

How To Know You're An Addict

Having enough insight to self diagnose addiction can be tenuous at best. Have a look at the questionnaire below, its a good guideline. Asking for help is always first prize! YES NO 1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking/addiction? 2. Is…

Marijuana legalized, what's the problem?

Marijuana legalized, what's the problem? How does this impact us and do we care? Is it all hype or are we facing real problems in the future? Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres www.crossroadsrecovery.co.za Pretoria 012 345 1186 Johannesburg…

Problems with Food and Sex Addiction

Problems with food and sex addiction, whether primary or secondary, can be a real challenge!