Some questions to consider when deciding on whether you suffer from an addiction. The following questions are aimed at alcoholics and drug addicts, however as addictive behaviours are similar in all addictions, whether gambling, sex, and eating addictions, the words ‘drinking’ and ‘using’ can be substituted with those of the addiction you may feel you have.

  1. Have you ever tried to stop your drinking or using?
  2. Have you had any problems with your drinking or using in the past year?
  3. Have you missed work or school because of your drinking or using?
  4. Do you tell yourself you can stop anytime you want to even though you keep getting drunk/high when you don’t mean to?
  5. Have you ever had blackouts or done things of which you are ashamed about?
  6. Do you ever use drugs or alcohol alone?
  7. Have you ever lied about how much you use drugs or alcohol?
  8. Does using and or drinking interfere with your sleeping or eating?
  9. Is drinking or using making your life at home unhappy?
  10. Do you envy people who can drink or use without getting into trouble?
  11. Have you ever felt defensive, guilty, or ashamed about your drinking or using?
  12. Have you ever been arrested for drinking or using? Or had legal issues as a consequence of drinking or using?