You on drugs? No, smart pills

DRUG abuse has become so widespread that it is no longer…
12 July, 2017/by admin

Cocaine more addictive than first thought, study finds

People who use cocaine “recreationally” may be closer to becoming addicted than they think, a study has warned.
30 May, 2017/by admin

Horschels reveal anguish behind victory tears

Billy Horschel paid tribute to his wife on Monday as she revealed…
26 May, 2017/by admin

ER Visits for Kids Rise Significantly After Pot Legalized in Colorado

BY MAGGIE FOX The number of teenagers sent to emergency rooms…
5 May, 2017/by admin

Study Finds Patients Receiving Longer Treatment for Alcohol-Drug Misuse Have Significantly Higher Success Rate

A new study suggests that the longer patients are enrolled in…
29 March, 2017/by admin

Unisa Radio interview with Greg Tosi, Head of Treatment at Crossroads Recovery Centre

17 February, 2017/by admin

Oliver VG

The encouragement, love and support from the team at Crossroads allowed me to eventually see that I was worth something - that my life could be turned around and that I could accomplish the things that had long been a forgotten dream. - Oliver VG
16 January, 2017/by admin

Johan B

On the last day of my stint at Crossroads I could only express gratitude towards all who works there. A wise councillor once commented on my question when one is ready for rehab by explaining that when one is ready for rehab, rehab is ready for you. - Johan B
16 January, 2017/by admin

Carla S

I was lost and my soul was broken until I ended up at Crossroads and was introduced to the Twelve Steps. With the help of their excellent staff and amazing support I have recently been clean for 18 months, I could not have done it without them! - Carla S
11 January, 2017/by admin

Angelique J

"Just for today I am more than three years in recovery. I have Cross Roads to thank for this wonderful gift. Cross Roads helped me to set a firm foundation in my recovery on which I can continue to build." - Angelique
18 November, 2016/by admin

Alcohol and drug addiction information

Addiction comes in many forms, alcohol and drug addiction being…
3 October, 2013/by admin

Treatment centre facilities

Crossroads Recovery Centre is situated on a beautiful 2 hectare…
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