Why everyone should try a 12-step program

OPINION EVERYONE should try doing a 12-Step Program. Not just alcoholics, gamblers, drug addicts and people addicted to sex; everyone. I guarantee the world would be a better place as a result. More people would say sorry. Honesty and unselfishness would be more common. Roads and workplaces would be more harmonious. For me personally, the […]

You on drugs? No, smart pills

DRUG abuse has become so widespread that it is no longer a talking point. . But the increasing addiction and abuse of legal drugs among professionals, that is to prescription drugs and over- the-counter medicine and alcohol, is becoming a growing cause for concern.. A survey of 6 000 South African professionals by Professional Provident […]

Cocaine more addictive than first thought, study finds

People who use cocaine “recreationally” may be closer to becoming addicted than they think, a study has warned.

Horschels reveal anguish behind victory tears

Billy Horschel paid tribute to his wife on Monday as she revealed the personal anguish that lay behind the golfer’s emotional reaction after his victory in the AT&T Byron Nelson USPGA event at the weekend. Horschel broke down in tears immediately after his playoff victory over world No 4 Jason Day on Sunday, capturing his […]

ER Visits for Kids Rise Significantly After Pot Legalized in Colorado

BY MAGGIE FOX The number of teenagers sent to emergency rooms more than quadrupled after marijuana was legalized in Colorado — mostly for mental health symptoms, researchers reported Thursday. They found 639 teenagers who went to one hospital system in Colorado in 2015 had either cannabis in their urine or told a doctor they’d been using […]

Study Finds Patients Receiving Longer Treatment for Alcohol-Drug Misuse Have Significantly Higher Success Rate

A new study suggests that the longer patients are enrolled in treatment, the better chance they have of successful recovery after treatment. The study, published in the current issue of Open Journal of Psychiatry, followed 72 patients with a variety of addiction types over the course of a year. Patients were nearly divided evenly by […]

Alcohol and drug addiction information

Addiction comes in many forms, alcohol and drug addiction being the most well-known. Alcohol and drug addiction is defined as the loss of control over the use of a substance. There are other ways of acting out in addiction that can be just as harmful to the person suffering in active addiction. Gambling, sex addiction, […]

Treatment centre facilities

Crossroads Recovery Centre is situated on a beautiful 2 hectare property in the east of Pretoria in Rietvalleirand. The property lends itself to an atmosphere of recovery, with ample space for the client to come to terms with their addiction and the treatment thereof. The residential house is an upmarket residence with the following facilities available […]

Addiction / alcoholism treatment and recovery program

Introduction Crossroads Recovery Centre is a 12 step treatment facility that believes in a complete individual treatment program for each client. Years of personal experience in the field of addiction and the best practices of various professionals and organizations involved in the treatment of people suffering from the disease of addiction, have led us to the […]

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