The Connection Between Fear And The Disease Of Addiction

What is fear? What is the connection between fear and the disease of addiction? Fear is often referred to as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. It can also be perceived as being afraid of something or someone as likely to be dangerous, painful or harmful. Fear can cause […]



TREATMENT AND FAMILY INVOLVEMENT. The whole family worries when a member is in trouble. While the afflicted person might be absorbed in a downward spiral, the family is consumed with concern for the addicted member’s safety, emotional well-being, mental health and physical health. Everyone in the extended family worries that the addicted person will drink […]


The Four Stages of Alcoholism

THE FOUR STAGES OF ALCOHOLISM   If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be an alcoholic, then recognizing the stages of alcoholism may help you weigh the options available to you for detoxification and treatment. The four phases of alcoholism were defined by E. Morton Jellinek, a scientific researcher who did […]


EXPLAINING ADDICTION TO NON-ADDICTS. Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive condition, one that has far-reaching implications for addicts and their loved ones alike, and it’s not easy for non-addicts to fully grasp the destructive and all-consuming cycle of addiction. Often, non-addicts assume that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are merely weak or without […]


What are Opioids? They are synthetic drugs designed to reproduce the effects of natural opioids such as Opium, which is a dried latex obtained from Poppies. Opium is 12% analgesic alkaloid morphine, which is processed chemically to produce heroin. Opiates can be prescribed by a doctor or obtained at a pharmacy to treat moderate to […]

Addiction In The Workplace

Addiction In The Workplace Recent statistics on drug abuse estimates that approximately 13.3% of the adult South African population struggle with addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life, including their work. Employers can play a meaningful role in helping employees prevent and deal with addiction in the workplace. Although an […]


Synthetic Cannabis

In the last few days the South African news cycle has been going crazy with the story of several teenagers who ingested an unknown drug(Synthetic Cannabis) and were subsequently sent to hospital. Alarming videos have been making the rounds on social media of children who are unresponsive or incoherent at the time of medical intervention. […]

In-patient or Out-patient?

Choosing a treatment facility When choosing a facility, In-patient or Out-patient, for your loved one, especially if you have limited knowledge about rehabilitation and addiction, may prove to be a difficult task. The first question is always “Are they going to be okay?”. Trusting a team of people you don’t know and a program that […]

Cross Addiction in Recovery

Cross Addiction in Recovery Different manifestations of Addiction Addiction based on behavior rather than a specific substance, it can manifest in various different forms. The five most common forms of addiction are drugs, alcohol, sex, food and gambling, although new forms of addictions are branching out today such as social media, co-dependency and compulsive behavior […]


ENABLING BEHAVIOR IN ADDICTION Dilemma:         “I am the mother of a thirty year old son who is abusing drugs and alcohol. He has been hospitalized and detoxed once and has been through an excellent drug rehab program. However, he quickly relapsed and is again abusing drugs. He has lost his job and is now living with […]