Crossroads Recovery Centre: The importance of family involvement.

One of the most heart wrenching and overwhelming moments in a…
13 July, 2018/by Dominic Giovannoni

The Hard Reality of Alcohol & Drug Addiction

  According to recent studies provided by the Society…
6 July, 2018/by Dominic Giovannoni

45% of rehabilitation admissions are alcohol related

An increasing number of people are being admitted for rehabilitation…
27 June, 2018/by Dominic Giovannoni

Die Groot Ontbyt Interview with Dominic Giovannoni – Crossroads Recovery Centre 30 Nov 2016

12 December, 2017/by admin

Crossroads Recovery Centre Invited to speak at Lifeline training

22 August, 2017/by admin

Gambling Is Not Only A Man’s Issue — It’s On The Rise Amongst Women As Well

Chances are that you consider problem gaming to be a "man's issue".…
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Why everyone should try a 12-step program

OPINION EVERYONE should try doing a 12-Step Program.…
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You on drugs? No, smart pills

DRUG abuse has become so widespread that it is no longer…
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Cocaine more addictive than first thought, study finds

People who use cocaine “recreationally” may be closer to becoming addicted than they think, a study has warned.
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Horschels reveal anguish behind victory tears

Billy Horschel paid tribute to his wife on Monday as she revealed…
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ER Visits for Kids Rise Significantly After Pot Legalized in Colorado

BY MAGGIE FOX The number of teenagers sent to emergency rooms…
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Study Finds Patients Receiving Longer Treatment for Alcohol-Drug Misuse Have Significantly Higher Success Rate

A new study suggests that the longer patients are enrolled in…
29 March, 2017/by admin