What is drug addiction?

While drug use may start as a seemingly harmless and voluntary act, in time it can develop into a compulsive and unstoppable habit. In the beginning, drug use minimizes emotional and physical pain. As prolonged drug use continues, it can develop into drug addiction, severely impacting an individual’s brain chemistry. When the brain begins to signal an intense physical need to continue the use of drugs, what once was recreational use becomes an urge that controls one’s life.

What are the effects of drug addiction?
If left untreated, drug addiction can result in diminished health, job loss and the estrangement of loved ones. While drugs may offer short-term relief, extended drug use only aggravates an individual’s problems.

Drug addiction can lead to a number of mental and physical disorders. If addiction is left untreated, unrestrained drug use will persist despite its overwhelming and often demoralizing consequences on individuals and their families.

When addicts recognize their unhealthy, unhappy condition — and see the impact their drug use has had on others — many seek help.

Crossroads Recovery Centre can help
At Crossroads Recovery Centre, we understand the seriousness of drug addiction. Our drug addiction treatment options range from detoxification to an intensive, inpatient psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction.

The idea of overcoming drug addiction may seem overwhelming, but recovery is possible at Crossroads Recovery Centre. Our expert staff is trained to help people overcome their drug addiction in a safe and nurturing environment.

To begin your path to recovery and good health, contact Crossroads Recovery Centre.

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