#11 Anxiety and Stress Origins

Seeing Is Believing

For thousands for years people have been misinterpreting what is in front of their eyes and then insisting that everyone believes what they do and should do things their way. With all the arrogance and misinformation prevalent in human interactions, it’s no surprise we have to deal with the massive amounts of stress and anxiety we do. Why are we not being taught the origins of stress and anxiety?

What to do?

Faced with these realities in our inner workings of our communities and the near certainty that they will not be changing soon, what do we do? When we are recovering from substance abuse, burnout or just confusion with life, where do our responsibilities lie?

The hard reality is that it’s pretty much entirely up to us to investigate solutions and this can be no small feat. Especially if you have no idea what’s wrong and no clue where to begin.

Hopefully this podcast will go some way in pointing you in the direction out. These ideas will help you draw your own conclusions


I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast.


This podcast was recorded as a series of lectures given to people in 12 step addiction recovery treatment. The purpose of these talks was to teach and motivate individuals to search for their own spiritual solution to their addiction.


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