Alcohol and drug addiction information

Addiction comes in many forms, alcohol and drug addiction being the most well-known. Alcohol and drug addiction is defined as the loss of control over the use of a substance. There are other ways of acting out in addiction that can be just as harmful to the person suffering in active addiction. Gambling, sex addiction, food addiction and other addictive … Continue Reading →

Treatment centre facilities

Crossroads Recovery Centre is situated on a beautiful 2 hectare property in the east of Pretoria in Rietvalleirand. The property lends itself to an atmosphere of recovery, with ample space for the client to come to terms with their addiction and the treatment thereof. The residential house is an upmarket residence with the following facilities available for the use of our … Continue Reading →

Addiction / alcoholism treatment and recovery program

Introduction Crossroads Recovery Centre is a 12 step treatment facility that believes in a complete individual treatment program for each client. Years of personal experience in the field of addiction and the best practices of various professionals and organizations involved in the treatment of people suffering from the disease of addiction, have led us to the formation of our program of … Continue Reading →

Alcohol and drug rehab centre in Pretoria, South Africa

Crossroads Recovery Centre offers high quality, specialized treatment for those suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sex, food and other addictions. Addiction is defined by the relentless pursuit of a drink, drug or other addiction, no matter the consequences to yourself, your family and friends, work commitments and other people associated with you. An addict in active addiction will do … Continue Reading →